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SuperTrapp is proud to be the official exhaust sponsor of Team High Lifter!

Team High Lifter-Polaris Racing continues to shine, as they dominated the mud events at Quadfest 2008, held in Central City, PA.

In the two wheel drive class, team racer Alicia Gorman finished in first place on her Polaris Sportsman 800, while team mate J.W. Otwell came in second on his Polaris Sportsman 800. In the 600 cc – 800 cc Class, Alicia Gorman finished again in first place on her Sportsman 800 with team mate Brian Robertson finishing less than two seconds later, for second place on his Sportsman 800. In the “Open” class, Team High Lifter-Polaris swept the podium for first, second and third place with Maggie Robertson coming in first on her Polaris Sportsman 800, Alicia Gorman in second on her Polaris Sportsman 800 and Scott Smith in third on his Polaris Sportsman 800. The ladies, Maggie Robertson and Alicia Gorman, had a very successful day, as they also came in first and second in the Woman’s Class on Sportsman 800s. Team racer Trey Thomas took First in the UTV class on his Polaris Ranger RZR in 44.03 seconds.

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Matt Weidman - 2008 AMA Flat Track Rookie of the Year

In his first full professional season, Weidman finished 12th overall in the GNC Twins series and 20th overall in the GNC Singles series, placing him 14th in the combined points total for the two series.

AMA Flat Track Rookie of the Year honors are awarded to the eligible rookie rider with the most points accumulated in both the GNC Twins and GNC Singles series.

"Matt was impressive in his first full year competing in the AMA Flat Track Championship, and we're proud to honor his performance with the AMA Flat Track Rookie of the Year Award," said AMA Pro Racing Director of Flat Track Mike Kidd. "Matt also demonstrated continual development throughout the year, and we anticipate he'll continue to improve in 2009. We would like to congratulate Matt, the Weidman family and Team SuperTrapp on a successful season."

Weidman put in a consistent performance for a rookie, making the main event 10 times in GNC Twins and three times in GNC Singles. His best finish was a fifth at the Monticello, New York, GNC Twins round. He had a total of four top-10 finishes on the year. Weidman said that his rookie year easily surpassed the goals he laid out for himself in the preseason.

"My goal coming into this year was to make a couple mains. Rookie of the Year wasn't even on my radar, so I definitely achieved my goals," Weidman said. "I learned quite a bit about drafting and how to run the miles. I got a lot of experience that I needed to improve going forward. In the off-season, I'll keep training, find some places to ride, and next year I hope to get top-10 in points, maybe win one."

Weidman said his rookie year was a major team effort.

"In addition to SuperTrapp, I'd like to give a big thanks to my dad and Mike Hacker, who helped with bikes, get sponsors and run the team," Weidman said. "My dad put in a lot of hours working on the bikes and helped drive me to the track. Of course, I have to thank my mom, too. She did a lot, as well."

The 17-year-old Weidman lives in Westerlo, New York. He was the 2007 AMA Pro Expert Twins Champion and won the 2006 AMA Sports Dirt Track Horizon Award, which is presented annually to the amateur rider with the brightest prospects for a successful professional career.

For a full recap of the races, visit:

Matt Weidman's Website


Friday September 26, 2008

Rainy European finals at Santa Pod Raceway

Blood, sweat and tears, day and night, 7 days a week is the best way to describe the last few weeks in Zodiac Racing's workshop to get "The Godfather VII" ready to rumble for the first time. One hour before it was put in the trailer, the bike ran for a couple of minutes on Methanol, and only for 5 seconds on Nitromethane. For 5 seconds and then shut down in a hurry to be able to catch the ferry to England's home of European drag racing, Santapod Raceway. There it literally shook the world, as it started, and ended, with a big bang.

For the complete story and all racing updates, visit: Zodiac Racing and click on "News".


“I’ve been using SuperTrapp for 25 years and it’s always great to work with a company that stands behind their product. Most of my personal bikes have a SuperTrapp system and even my Road Glide has a 2:1."

“SuperTrapp exhausts are top-notch for performance. I always use the tunable systems that allow you to tweak your exhaust’s back pressure to gain horsepower and torque where and when it’s needed.”

- Mike Lombardi


"I have been building engines for 27 years and have been involved with ATV racing since ‘83. Four-wheeler racing was limited at the time and there were only a few shops that made racing pipes. I would take a SuperTrapp exhaust and adapt it to the custom four-wheelers we were building. When the production ATVs came along, I continued to use SuperTrapp on the new models. Pipes are now more important than ever. With the new production units, one of the easiest ways to gain additional power is through the exhaust system. The exhaust system accounts for 60% of the additional horsepower boost that performance race shops can find. There are a lot of quality exhaust systems. But there are only a few that give a significant boost in performance. SuperTrapp is in that category. It’s a quality product."

“A lot of the attention that an exhaust system gets comes from the sound that it makes when it’s going around the track. A SuperTrapp exhaust system has that impressive sound. What’s nice about a SuperTrapp is that you have the option to tune for decreased volume if your particular riding area requires it. It’s a great muffling spark arrestor.”

- Tom Carlson, Engine Builder, TC Racing


“We try all the competitive exhaust products. If there is a better one we’ll use it. But, it’s pretty obvious when you go out to the track and see everyone is using SuperTrapp. There must be a reason for that. That’s how racers are. If it’s a better product, we’re going to use it."

“The biggest thing about SuperTrapp for a racer is the total tunability of the external disc system. It lets you tune the exhaust to make the bike easier to ride. And, the durability is second to none. The stainless steel design means it’s not just some aluminum can.”

- Bryan Bigelow, '01 SuperTrapp Supertracker National Champion


“I have been using SuperTrapp exhausts since I turned professional in 1989. Everyone said SuperTrapp was the best. So, that is what I started using. I have been very happy with SuperTrapp ever since. I have tried competitor’s products, but the SuperTrapp exhaust is just so tunable for each situation that I always end up going back to SuperTrapp. On fast tracks, you want more horsepower and SuperTrapp works perfect for that. Sometimes there are situations where you want to tune the horsepower down because it makes the bike easier to ride. Overall, the tunability is awesome."

“The stainless steel design is a big advantage. A SuperTrapp lasts longer than some of the competitors that don’t use stainless steel. The SuperTrapp looks better and keeps its looks for a longer time.”

- Willie McCoy, AMA Flat Track Racer

Harley Davidson Sportster Performance Champion in ’99 and ’00 and 15th in the ’03 AMA Progressive Insurance U.S. Flat Track Championship Series.


“I have been working with Jay Springsteen since ‘93. When I started, we were using competitor’s pipes that we weren’t happy with. I gave SuperTrapp a call and they have been taking care of me ever since."

“The tunability of a SuperTrapp offers a big advantage for our race team. Using the SuperTrapp 2:2, I can tune the bike for any track. The power delivery is the key when tuning the exhaust. With SuperTrapp, I can determine where the hit is in the motor and whether I need to take it out of the bottom, put it on top, or have it everywhere. SuperTrapp also outperforms the competition when it comes to maintenance. They’re stainless steel. They clean up nice and look great all year.”

- Joe Bisha, Mechanic for Jay Springsteen. One of the top five tuners in the sport today.


“A lot of companies say that they do one thing and they do it well. With SuperTrapp Megaphones, they really do those well.” SuperTrapp is probably the best kept secret in performance exhausts.”

- Joe Brown, Vintage Racing Tuner for Jay Springsteen


“SuperTrapp has really stood by racers over the years. In the dirt track community they have helped more racers at the National level than any other company. Their stainless components are so durable from a chemical standpoint that nothing really fazes them.”

Jim Wagner, Sales Manager, Doc’s Harley Davidson


“I have worked with SuperTrapp off and on for the last ten years. The tunability of a SuperTrapp is a big advantage. It really helps with track tuning. When racing on a slippery track, I’ll put big end caps on and detune the bottom end. It makes the bike easier to ride in those conditions.”

- Jess Roeder, ’98 AMA 883 National Dirt Track Champion


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