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“Dave Payne and Brian Garfield are national level autocrossers who have installed 443-2217s (brushed stainless S/C Elite 4” tunables), in their ’02 Mini Coopers. So, following their lead, I put a 443-2217 in my street ‘03 Mini Cooper. Attached is a Dyno run Dave and Brian did on the same Dyno in the same shop on different days. The baseline levels are low for a mcs, but what we all agree on is that the differences are important. I am the SuperTrapp Dyno secretary here. Brian originally thought that the 8-disc setup was best, but he has since switched to 10 discs. My car has not been Dynoed, but my buttometer also says that 10 discs are better, except for below 4500rpm, where 8 discs pull better. I continue to be amazed at how much powerband tuning is available by just changing a few discs!” Steve G. ’03 Mini Cooper

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