ďThis particular race was just a warmup for the National season but nevertheless, itís important and a commitment and I surely donít want to DNF.

Well I was having a great day until near the end of my day I notice that I skimmed a tree and ripped part of the radiator off my bike and twisted it! Lucky for me I had FPS radiators and it held the coolant and I finished the race with no mechanical issues.

Similar situation happened in Canada but much worse and the radiator was hanging on the bike by the hoses only! And it still didnít leak!

And last story, once I had a stick so deep into my radiator that I couldnít even pull it out without pliers and guess what? No leaks!

I also attribute many other benefits to the FPS radiator like a cooler running bike which translates into less wear and easy starting in a race situation.Ē

- Mike Sigety AMA National Enduro Series 7 time A Class championship winner

Mike Sigety



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